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You simply cannot fulfill all He wants you to do without cultivating an intimate relationship with Him and knowing His voice. Encountering God is a day devotional that is rich with stories from the lives of everyday entrepreneurs of faith; stories that amplify the character of God and the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Draw closer to God and experience Him in new ways through daily scriptures, compelling stories, and powerful prayers.

When you engage with God and encounter Him, you will never ever be the same. No more S. In this book, authors Shae Bynes and Antonina Geer provide entrepreneurs of faith with a Bible-based and Holy Spirit inspired guide that shares an unpopular yet powerful approach to setting goals for your business. This is not your standard course in business finance. This easy to follow guide eliminates the intimidation that often accompanies the money matters in business and simplifies the steps needed to make, spend, manage, save, grow, and give money in your business with both purpose and overflow in mind.

Christian Business Success Doing Business God's Way

Without your health it is difficult to fulfill all that God has called you to do. This easy to follow and life-changing guide provides a blueprint for nourishing yourself mind, body, and spirit.

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Discover how to break strongholds that hold you back, the secret sauce for deliciously happy health, the top things to add and avoid in your daily nutrition, and the key components of your personal holistic health plan. Also included are recipes and inspirational scriptures to help you on your journey!

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Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Explore Now. Buy As Gift. Overview Are you looking to do more than just "business as usual" and truly impact lives and advance the Kingdom of God through your enterprise? The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur: Doing Business God's Way is an inspiring and highly practical guide for entrepreneurs of faith and is based on sound Biblical principles. In this book, authors Antonina Geer and Shae Bynes share 9 powerful essentials for your Kingdom Driven entrepreneurial journey to start or grow a godly business. When an entrepreneur is Kingdom Driven, abundance and growth follows.

We talked about some of your book launches and things last time. She is the founder and chief fire igniter, I love that, of Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur. It is an organization that inspires, teaches, and mentors Christian entrepreneurs to be led by God in their business, and have a greater Kingdom impact in the marketplace. She is the author of ten books — double digits now! She, along with her husband and three daughters, live in Fort Lauderdale Florida. I love this so much.

Where did that come from? Honestly, that was a part of my life prior to doing Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur, and honestly, God taught me on the job training going through Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur. Prior to that, that was the life I was in. That was the language and the culture of entrepreneurship. The idea of Grace Over Grind is just the thing that he put on my heart. He told me one day; he said that there are too many Christian entrepreneurs who exalt hard work over the presence of God in business.

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I was just minding my own business, I was hanging out with my family, and He dropped that one on me. Shae: They exalt hard work, they idolize hard work and exalt hard work over the presence of God in business. That is exactly what He told me, and I was just out at the park with my kids. I was one of those people that probably idolized hard work over the presence of God in my business, and God is changing my heart in that. What would be some signs that were primarily grinding in our business? Some of them are things like financial anxiety. So, those are prominent. Those are the first three that come to mind.

But there are so many of them. Shelley: It is a gift.

The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur: Doing Business God's Way

Shae: When you can put your plans at the feet of Jesus and seek him first, then you are working by grace. Help me to walk through this. This is the opposite to feeling as if we have to harbor everything on our own, every business challenge, every personal challenge, everything.

Those types of things happen all the time, right? When you can put those things at the feet of Jesus, even just surrender your day and plans to him, and when it feels like flow — it is flow. As an entrepreneur sometimes, you have that pressure and feel that way. I had our first Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur retreat that we were going to be doing in Phoenix, Arizona; this was January For me, a meticulous planner, I want to have all the details, right?

You want people to come so you have to tell them what to expect, and all these things. But nope. Do you know that almost 40 people signed up from all over the nation and came to Arizona? What is crazy is that what happened at the event. By the time it got to the point where it was time for the event, God gave me one story to tell.

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I was a software engineer you know, and a project engineer in my corporate days. Shae: So, we went there, I tell that story, and you know what Shelley?

The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur: Doing Business God's Way

It was crazy. God did so much emotional healing with everyone that was there. I would never have even anticipated what He was going to do. I could never have known what He was going to do. I go to my phone, look at my phone, and it was within minutes of our schedule; it would either be on time, a couple of minutes before, or a couple of minutes after.

This happened all weekend. This was in the early days of Kingdom Driven Entrepreneurs, so when I say I got on the job training…. I always try to preface this because people always get you wrong. If His heart is for Him to flow, let Him do that. The idea is just to flow with Him.

Even though that was uncomfortable for me, I had peace throughout the entire time. But it was highly, highly uncomfortable because it was outside of how I normally operate. Shelley: Yeah.